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musician / composer


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SYMPHONIC FUSION - Jan Freicher [2020] (CD)

Pieces for Vibraphone and Film Music

Soaring in the sky
TOM Wild West Hero
I believe in you
You are there
The Vega Concert

performers: Jan Freicher, Joanna Dembler, Monika Lidke, Grzegorz Lewandowski, Marcin Grabowski, Piotr Aleksandrowicz, Przemysław Mazur, Piotr Swat, Marcin Szczypiorski, Michał Szczypiorski, Anna Szewczyk, Grzegorz Hoga, Barbara Marczuk, Justyna Gąbka, Emil Miszk, Krzysztof Landowski, Bogdan Kwiatek, Szymon Łukowski, Michał Bąk, Piotr Sutt

PRICE: 15 EUR. (incl. shipping - Europe)



Dove's Delight [głębia gołębia]

Music composed by Jan Freicher

Jan Freicher - vibraphone/marimba
Dominik Rosłon - marimba/vibraphone
Marcin Grabowski - bass
Radosław Szarek - drums

PRICE: 10 EUR. (incl. shipping - Europe)


FLIGHT Three Solos for Vibraphone

A great recital collection for solo vibraphone - intermediate/advanced performer - technically challenging, yet audience friendly!
Three solos in different musical styles.

1. Soaring in the Sky (ca. 5')
2. Liberatorium (ca. 4')
3. Alteratorium (ca. 3,5')

adv. high school/college.
Honey Rock, USA (2015)

PRICE: 20 EUR (incl. shipping - Europe)

KODA for Solo Vibraphone

KODA by Jan Freicher is a fun vibraphone solo with a pop flavor utilizing elements of polyphonic texture, with rich harmonic voicings and Latin-American influenced rhythms. The memorable melodies and harmonies of this piece, as well as it's symmetric and comprehensible form, are sure to please audiences as well as performers.

KODA was the first place winner of the PAS Italy Composition Contest in 2008.

Published by Honey Rock, USA (2009)

PRICE: 13 EUR. (incl. shipping - Europe)

Dove's delight | VIB-MBF DUO

Dove's Delight by Jan Freicher is a hip duet for vibraphone and marimba. This jazzy piece combines blues harmonies with heavily syncopated rhythms and an energetic pulse that constantly moves forward, creating a fun jam session for everybody involved.
The opening section features a bluesy vibraphone over the marimba driving the bus. The middle section becomes much more note-dense with the marimba leading the charge, leading into another very island-inspired area that features melodic marimba. The tune opens like it begins.
Add this to your recital or simply work it up for a jazz quartet - it's a ton of fun and everybody will enjoy it. To add that extra oomph, you can include a drum set and possibly an electric bass. Dove's Delight won 3rd place in the 2008 PAS Italy Composition Contest.
(Description written by Michael Dooley - www.lonestarpercussion.com)

Published by Honey Rock, USA (2014)

PRICE: 18 EUR (incl. shipping - Europe)

The Vega Concert

Concerto for Vibraphone
Vibraphone and Piano version.

PRICE: 30 EUR (incl. shipping - Europe)